With the passage of time, all technologies get out of date and it’s true for your PACS as well. It means that the system that you’re using for a few years that has got old with the advancement of the techs. The length of the lifetime of PACS is about three to five years on average. But, you may get you in the crisis by losing your data if you don’t get carefully the signs of getting your system out of date. Also, you have the chance get lost your data and images so you need to have backups that will help you to restore your lost data. But, you have to fix the issues that occur due to your old dated system. If not you’re still in risk to lose your data that you’re unable to get back anymore.

Well, let’s know how to understand your system is out of date.

It Can’t Share Your Patient’s Images

You should understand your system is absolutely out of date if you find the imaging and reports can’t be shared with doctors or patients. But, it’s not the right solution in these days to burn CD or send them to their email address. From patients to your doctors and specialists all need to study the report as soon as possible. So, you can make your patients and doctors happy if you provide them immediate access to their data. It’s a good way to be reputed medical imaging center to get more referring patients for the same cases.

Its’ Complicated to Viewing

It’s easy to know your system is out of date if you find it’s not working with your current browser and platform. But, you like to keep things very simple for your patients and doctors to make them always happy. In this case, you should get changed and need DICOM player free download or premium ones that are web-based. Moreover, you should find your system is easy to integrate with other essential systems for your medical center.


It’s Painful to Use

From slow access of studies to slow login, you might face some issues the technical problems with your system. Usually, it’s a sign of degrading of your imaging system when you find it slower that takes a lot of time. But, you also have taken possibly all care for your system as it’s prescribed in the manual. So, it’s time to get a changed when you find your system is painful to use.

It’s not equal to Standard


In these days, most of the used systems are getting vendor-neutral with the advancement of techs. Instead of being an owner’s format specific to a particular retailer, your data should be DICOM format and its standard. So, you can use it in any device, any browser, and can use any free online viewer.

It’s Not in the Cloud

It’s the time to get your system back up in the cloud to prevent from any type of misuse and stresses. Also, it makes possible to access your data from anywhere and anytime if you’re getting your data with cloud backup.


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