When you are going for interior decoration for kitchen, then the cabinets are the most prominent part of the kitchen. You can make any normal kitchen look amazing by selecting the appropriate color and design of the kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are the feature that makes any kitchen stand out. But, can you use any kind of cabinets? The answer is no. Every kitchen and person have different needs and requirements, some have a small kitchen while some have large, some have airy while some have with less ventilation so different types and color of cabinets will suit in different kitchens. Below are some of the practical, useful and permanent suggestions of different cabinet types, volume, and color for all types of kitchens.

Cabinet Types

When you do interior decoration for the kitchen, you have endless options in terms of types of cabinets and colors. You can choose any cabinet types that is durable and within your budget.

  • Wood

Wood is the commonly used type of cabinet. You have the option of plywood, softwood, and hardwood. Wood is very durable and is easy to repair if scratched or broken. You will mostly get natural color in the wooden material. Wood is also malleable so you can make your cabinets in a variety of designs. It is also easy to clean and maintain and you can always change its polish in the futures.

  • Lamination

This is the most commonly used type nowadays due to its variety of colors and fewer costs. This is sheets of plastic and laminated paper attached on plywood. It is stain free and very easy to clean. It has a shiny surface so your kitchen will always look top notch in it. It is not malleable so you will not be able to get any design in it.

Guide On Choosing Cabinet Types, Volume, And Color

  • Metal

Mostly stainless steel is used which is attached to plywood. It is also a durable material and is rust and stain free. They are not available in any colors except their natural look. They are not affected by heat and humidity but can get scratches and dents.

Cabinet Volume

The volume of the cabinet is equally important as types of cabinets. If you will have spacious cabinets then only you will be able to stock all your kitchen items, utensils, machinery and pots, and pans. Design your cabinets in such a way that all our kitchen material can be easily fixed. You also have the option of using glass cabinets and then setting items for show in your kitchen, but that will not be feasible in the long run. There are now options for cabinets with spice racks and bigger racks to store your plates and pots and pans.

Cabinet Colors

When you decide on interior decoration for kitchen, the colors of cabinets play an integral part. You can choose the colors of cabinets according to your preferences but stick to common colors. Trends come and go and then it will look outdated. If you want to go for a different color then you will have to choose lamination cabinets. Also, make sure to match your countertops and paint with the cabinet colors.


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