7 Huge Misconceptions About Electric Scooters

We often hear that electric scooters for seniors are best. But this is just a misconception that many people spread and misguide others. Electric scooters are becoming more popular than they were in the past. Men, women, aged people and teenagers are equally getting more acquitted to these scooters. They have a great number of advantages than other modes of transport including they are cheap, no air pollution, less power consumption and safe to use.

Just like electric scooters for seniors only are good, we need to get rid of all such misconceptions in order to promote electric vehicles and make this world a better place. This post will help the readers understand all such myths and misconceptions that are misleading people about electric scooters and vehicles.

1) They Are Just Like Regular Bikes

There is a strong belief among the masses that electric scooters are ordinary two-wheelers. However, the truth is that they are way different than ordinary bikes because those bikes run on gas whereas electric scooters work on electric power provided by batteries installed inside the scooters.

2) They Are Inconvenient to Ride

According to many people electric scooters are inconvenient to ride. However, the reality is quite opposite. These bikes don’t have heavy engines that make them lightweight and they come with user-friendly control options making them very convenient to handle and ride.

3) They Are Heavy

Ordinary bikes come with heavy engines thus they are heavy in weight and hard to control while electric scooters don’t have heavy engines, gas or petrol tank and they are comparatively very lightweight. With batteries and light motors, these scooters are nearly three times lighter in weight as compared to ordinary scooters.

4) They Are Not Speedy

Ordinary bikes are famous for their speed and this is what makes them popular among the masses. When electric scooters will not offer good speed, who would dare buying them? But this is just a myth. There was a time when companies only focused on power in electric bikes but nowadays all companies are producing ebikes and scooters that offer great speed and better control systems.

7 Huge Misconceptions About Electric Scooters

5) They Are Expensive

Normal scooters are not very expensive. However, what makes them expensive is the use of fuel, petrol and maintenance cost every month. When compared to normal bikes, electric scooters are way cheaper because they work on batteries that can be recharged. They don’t have fuel or petrol expenses.

6) They Make A Lot Noise

This is just a myth and there is no reality in the news. Electric scooters for seniors, or anyone else don’t have power engines that will make noise while starting or running. Ebikes go smoothly without making any noticeable noise.

7) Batteries Are Risky

Electric scooters are powered with electric power through batteries. People believe these batteries are risky and can catch fire any moment. But this is not the case. All electric scooter manufacturing companies have always tested their bikes considering this aspect. These bikes are quite safe and batteries don’t catch fire, as rumors around. They are way better than ordinary bikes running on petrol.


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