Everything in this world has a hidden lesson for us. We can learn more from mundane things, than we can ever imagine. Art, in the same way, has a lot of lessons hidden in it.

1. Focus

Art is a great way of learning how to focus on the tiniest of details. People who are fond of art, are generally more focused and their minds don’t wander off easily. They know how to put their focus on one thing and they don’t stray off from that path. Art takes up a lot of time, so it is obvious that people who make art, or who admire it, have a very sharp focus. They know what to pay attention towards. 

2. Creativity

This one is obvious. Art is an expression of a person’s creativity. A person imagines something in his/her peripheral vision, and puts it on a canvas with the help of art. These expressions of creativity are very rich and have a lot of meaning to them. The artwork may very straightforward and simple like Mark Rothko prints or complex like Vince van Gogh’s, but this is a very privileged and a hard-to-grasp skill. Creativity can open your mind to new ideas, and you can think beyond the average human brain. 

3. Curiosity

You might have seen in your everyday life, that artists bring forth masterpieces in the form of art. What made them think they can create this on a canvas? What was the inspiration behind this artwork? A lot of questions are risen in the mind of a curious individual. Art sparks curiosity and you are striving to know the answers. Curiosity is another handy skill, which is necessary to cultivate. The ability of the human mind to raise questions and always seeking the meaning behind unsolved things, is a great tool to have.

4. Confidence

Art is the gateway for a lot of people to express whatever is on their mind. Artists are not afraid to express their thoughts openly. Artists are naturally confident, and the admirers of art also cultivate confidence inside themselves. The freeness of expression and not being held back is true confidence. Successful people credit confidence as their way of getting what they want in the world. Art is a great way to cultivate confidence in the mind of an individual.

5. Observation Power

You also might have noticed that artists and people who admire art like Mark Rothko prints are great observers. They are the people who take a step back, sit back and observe the situation. Strong observation power is a key skill to have in today’s world. Good observation leads to a better understanding of a situation, which ultimately leads to better problem-solving techniques. Observation is considered as one of the best qualities a human being can possess, and art is one of the many, but equally powerful, way of cultivating good observation power.


You would have never thought that you could learn such things from art. Art is a way of expressing your creativity and learning a lot of new things. You can go for Fintan Whelan, Andy Warol or Mark Rothko prints to start appreciating art.


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