So, why you don’t need Adobe Reader? Because you can open PDFs with these.

1. Google Chrome

It has been quite a while for Adobe Reader being in the market. While it has made its name and presence prominent amongst professionals, it has also on the other hand drawn a lot of criticism for being heavy and slow and most importantly being unnecessary. Even though Adobe Acrobat has made improvements but they are not just enough yet. With alternatives such as Google Chrome present that comes with an integrated PDF viewer, there are sure to be more than enough reasons for one not to use Adobe Reader. Google Chrome as a browser is fast and quick, the same can be said about its PDFs opening ability. However, it does not have that many features, or you can say it has literally none. Unless you want to dive deep and edit PDF documents, Google Chrome is one of the best choices for viewing PDF files.

2. Firefox

Firefox is second on the list. It also has an integrated PDF viewer. Mozilla has kept the game tight by constantly innovating itself throughout the years. It has packed Firefox with PDF viewer since Firefox 19, and right now, we are at Firefox 51. Firefox has kept a significant lead from Google Chrome, but the features it offers are still minute. The PDF viewer of Firefox is not a plugin at all. JavaScript has been used to write it, which is the same language used by web pages in your browser. It actually sandboxes the PDF viewer while making it more secure. Similarly, when you are using Adobe Acrobat, the security of your browser does not necessarily come in use, you may have to rely on plug-in’s developers instead.

3. Microsoft Edge

We have another one and that is Microsoft Edge. Then again, it also comes with an integrated PDF viewer. While you open the file, the PDFs are viewed using Microsoft Edge automatically within the browser window and it does not opt for any other application. Microsoft Edge, when it comes to viewing features, does not impress. It may have had its fan base, but only due to the annotation feature, which is both odd and handy to the users.

4. Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Android comes with in-built PDF viewer. The same is the case with iPhone and iPad. Since these operating systems, have Adobe Readers already installed there is not really any need to be installing one. Mac users have Preview. Linux comes with Okular or Evince. In addition to that, there are also better options available for each operating system.

5. Alternative Options

With time, many alternative options and that too better, have made it to the list and the list has with time only improved. The upcoming or following program or software have filled every gap that has existed. There are many options available over the internet and some of them are free as well. Keeping in mind that the original purpose of PDF was viewing. If that is considered, the options listed above should settle well with users.

If you want to edit, you can use online tools. They edit, merge, split, flatten, and delete PDF pages free.

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