Everybody knows technology has highly developed in all the fields of human life. The development of the tech also has boosted the MRI machines. Tech helped it to become an open MRI from the closed method.

This is how tech has helped overcome the issue for patients with claustrophobia. But, many people still ask: what does an open MRI look like? It’s because they know very little about it.

So, if you’re one of them with a very little known about the matter, this article for you. It’ll not just help you to know about the issue, it’ll also help overcome the issue of claustrophobia that some patients experience while doing MRI.

Well, let’s know about it in details below with some different topics.

The Option of an Open MRI

If you’re a patient with the issue of claustrophobia, you’ll be able to survive the issue while using open MRI machines. It’s because these are the type of machines where you’ll feel better comfort than closed MRI ones.

Also, this is an obvious way to do MRI for the patients with the issue of obesity or overweight. Open MRI is also well-known as High-Field Open MRI that offers a bit more airflow and space for the patients. It helps to overcome the issue like claustrophobia.

The machines of an open MRI come with larger openings along with less confining. As a result, the technicians can keep eye contact and communicating with the patient when he/ she on the table. It helps them to provide a calmer and empathic experience.

Besides, the machines perform the test faster than a closed MRI method that reduces corruption while imaging due to the movements of the patient. Also, they offer clear images that are highly appreciated by physicians.

Open MRI & Closed MRI

The method of MRI, no matter its open or closed MRI or no matter if you know what is an open MRI or not, doesn’t need ionizing radiation. That means this is not just a safe way to test your body inside, it’s also an invasive and effective tool for diagnostic.

Both ways, machines use strong magnetic fields with radio waves and advance computers. It’s the latest and best way to create internal images of the human body so far. It helps to find out the issues in the body identifying with diseased or damaged organs of the body inside.

Likewise, it helps you to find the issues with your bones, soft tissue, and other internal systems. Also, these scans are very helpful to the physicians to make a diagnosis a large range of health issues right through the body.

Advantages of Open MRI

We’re going to talk about the advantages of an open MRI method because it’s the most recent and optimum way of doing an MRI. This method uses the same, but an advanced procedure that a traditional MRI does.

Both of them create comprehensive images of different structures of the human body without doing X-rays. Instead of using radiation, the method uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves along with advance computers. So, it’s the safest way so far.


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