Instead of insulting your intelligence with hacks like “bring an empty water bottle” or “pack earplugs,” we’ve put together a list of our team’s go-to travel tips that will help even the most seasoned wayfarer avoid the inevitable pitfalls of leaving home.

1) Clear your cookies before booking a flight

Ticket prices change based on demand. Which means if you’ve been searching for tickets and then checking back a few days later to see if the price has gone down, you may be driving the price up for yourself. While some like to get around this by using “private browsing” windows, clearing your search history and cookies is your best bet.

Travel Hackes

2) Book two one-way flights

Often, flying two different airlines and booking two one-way tickets is actually cheaper than booking round-trip. And by mixing and matching, you have better choices for arrival and departure times. Some flight-booking sites, such as Kayak, already do this for you, but always do your homework and check the airline websites yourself.

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