The conveyor belt market is slowly progressing. Industries like airlines, mining, manufacturing, and agricultural value conveyor belts increase productivity and eliminate labor risks and costs in sectors. Conveyor belts come to help in lifting off heavy loads and transporting loads from one place to another in just a couple of minutes. The arrival of conveyor belts has helped workers not take health risks that they would have taken otherwise. There are different types and sizes of conveyor belts; you can buy them according to the conveyor belt dimensions to make it easy for you. But where to buy? Here is a list of suppliers of conveyor belts throughout the US. Before you look for “linear roller rail systems” go through the article.


Intralox is a conveyor belting manufacturer headquartered in New Orleans, USA. Intralox specializes in modular plastic belting, hygienic belts, and spiral belting solutions. Suppose you are looking to use conveyor belts in the food and automotive industry. In that case, Intralox is not limited to only those and provides efficient tools for industries like industrial, logistics and material handling, packaging, and rubber based products. As of now, Intralox has more than 800 active patents.

Jason Industrial

Based in Mathi, Italy, Jason Industrial manufactures various conveyor belts, including flat belts, power transmission, neoprene, urethane, V belts, etc. Jason Industrial is a member of Megadyne group, a leading global manufacturer of polyurethane transmission belt. The company is responsible for manufacturing and supplying industrial rubber products and hardware.

WCCO Belting

WCCO Belting is based in Wahpeton, North Dakota, US. The company’s founder, Ed Shorma, started the company’s journey with a shoe repairing company in 1954. It manufactures rubber products and belts for local and international equipment manufacturers. Not only conveyor belts, but they also provide pickup belts, merger belts, tub grinder belts, etc., for agricultural and industrial uses. WCCO Belting also serves recycling, materials handling, forestry, and package handling customers using various beltings.

Con-Belt Inc.

Con-Belt Inc. is a company that manufactures conveyor belts & replacement parts such as rollers, bushings, belts, and cotter pins, side wings, tubes, aprons, etc. It also offers steel hinged, piano-hinged, PVC, and chain or beaded form Z-pan and bucket conveyor belting. They mainly focus on the automotive, industrial, and metal manufacturing industries for belt manufacturing and supply. The company has to customize belting options and offers replacement parts such as pimpled pans, bar cleats, angle cleats, perforated pans, threaded pins, etc.

Dura-Belt Inc.

Dura-Belt is founded in 1987 and is based in Ohio that manufactures urethane belting and other conveyor accessories. Dura-Belt boasts its claim by saying World’s Longest Belt Warranty, which means it provides 10 years of the belt’s full life. The company also manufactures standard custom belting for transmission applications. Belts like O-ring, line shaft, twisted, powered roller, V, double-twisted, anti-vibration, fin, hollow, etc., are available in Dura-Belt. Industries like furniture, electronics, medical goods, automotive, toys are its primary focus. The belts are made of thermoplastic polyurethane, thermoplastic resins, elastic urethane, polyurethane, and PVC. All the goods produced by them are FDA approved.


There you go! Top 5 conveyor belt manufacturers and suppliers in the USA. They have a variety of conveyor belts for various uses and reasons


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