A T-slotted aluminum extrusion is a good option for assembling an extensive product line, installing automation components, etc. You may need a metal framework, especially extruded aluminum framing, to install dispensers or automated assembly equipment. Many factories choose traditional welded steel framings to enhance strength. That’s cool but using extruded aluminum framing has significant advantages. Let us discuss the benefits.

1. Offers a selection of applications

The T slotted aluminum extrusion has a wide range of applications. It has good sound insulation, preserves heat, and has recyclability widely used in construction sites and fields. The extrusion molding and high mechanical properties, durability,  physical properties, etc. it is suitable for machine frames, linear motion track system, industrial automation equipment, brackets, doors, shelves, ladders, etc.

2. Can easily be assembled and functioned

It’s modular and multifunctional. The simple design and processing can easily frame an ideal mechanical equipment cover. As some suggest, steel is cheaper than aluminum; however, aluminum is more durable and rust-resistant, two good properties while working in the field. You need to hire an assembler to put the pieces together. A skillful worker needs to cut, weld the materials, and thus it’s impossible to finish the task in a short time. Therefore steel isn’t ideal at all.

3. It’s very durable and adaptable

The modular structure defines the structure of the T-slot aluminum extrusion framework. They are more variable and flexible than steel. Parts, if disconnected, can be reassembled when required. The aluminum extrusion framing is adjustable, and the connectors can be moved or fastened to achieve proper installation. However, the steel must be planned in a welded structure before the installation process starts. Each bolt and measurement must be determined beforehand. When the steels are permanently welded together and drilled, changing positions can become very challenging. Therefore once the equipment changes, the steel will lose it’s structure. T-slot aluminum framing doesn’t need painting, unlike steel. Anodized aluminum extrusion has a healthy appearance and is corrosion-resistant.

4. It can be easily maintained

Because of their modular nature, T-slot frames easily reconstruct the parts when the structure is broken or damaged during the production. If you use a steel structure, you need to stop the production to repair the worn-out parts, that’s a hassle. The maintenance process will hectic and tedious; for example, you need to cut down the damaged parts and then weld them back a new one. That’s a lot of hassle and a waste of time. Hence aluminum framing is the most suitable and efficient.


These are some benefits of the T-slotted aluminum extrusion framework. Yes, it’s true that aluminum has a higher price tag than steel or stainless steel, which can create an issue for some people when buying. But steel should be avoided at all cost; it might cost lesser than stainless steel or aluminum but its high-maintenance. You can choose stainless steel ones, but there aren’t much price difference, so I will advise you to buy an aluminum framework because those are rust-free and very low maintenance.


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