Going on a first date and ending up falling in love is the most romantic thing that ever happened to someone. It’s magical and colorful. If you date the right person, your life will look like a paradise. Be it real or online dating; you are most likely to find love anywhere. However, there are a lot of dating myths going on in the dating world. Most of these myths might make you clueless, concerned, or bother you one way or another. Some of the information is so vague people might get discouraged about dating. They fall for these gimmicks and then end up jeopardizing their love life. This has happened to many, and if you aren’t aware of these pesky myths, you might face the same fate. Let’s discuss these myths more elaborately.

1. Dating More People Maximizes the Chance of Finding Your Soulmate

While sitting at home and reading a romantic novel wouldn’t help you meet your perfect person, jumping to meet just everyone and anyone wouldn’t be much of a help as well. Now, I am not saying that you should decline a nice person just because they aren’t good looking. That’s shallow, don’t do it! Even if you have to refuse, do it so politely. But keep in mind what you want and don’t mind a person you want to date. Don’t just date to land a boyfriend/girlfriend. Having someone who understands you and gives you freedom is vital as well. So, only date someone you feel worth dating for.

2. Long-Term Dating Means Marriage Is in The Cards

This is pretty straightforward and disturbing for some people, but it’s somewhat true with exceptions, of course! Long term partnerships always don’t mean that you will get married eventually. Yes, dating and being together for a long time lets both you and your partner know each other and often ends up in marriage. But not all long term dates transform to marriages that I can attest. Marriage is a different dynamic that involves legal partnerships and responsibilities. A lot of thought process goes into this before two people marry. Just because you two are together for say 10 years and you are thinking about marriage doesn’t mean your partner is thinking about the same thing. Why do you think we often hear the advice of dating someone who shares the same goal toward life? That’s because time doesn’t change how a person feels about someone or a situation. It’s the person who needs to explore and understand what they truly feel. So, if your partner doesn’t want marriage and you do, no matter how many years have passed, you can’t make him change his mind unless he does.

3. Online Dating Is Meaningless

That’s the most prominent dating myth of this century. The testimonials of the dating sites will tell you how invalid the tale is. Many people have this notion that dating apps and websites are scary places to get lost in. The area is filled with deceitful and nefarious people. Although this can be true for many cases, you can’t say that every person in the online dating platform is ludicrous and obnoxious. Some people also argue that most of the online platforms are scams. That’s also not true, take JDate reviews as examples. Most reviewers rate J Date as the most successful Jewish dating platform. Many reliable dating platforms contain real people who also want to meet their Mr./Ms. Right.

In the end, all I want to say is that it doesn’t matter what others say if you are a single looking for dating or you are divorced and looking for dating after divorce. What matters is your opinion, what you think, and feel. My advice is, don’t listen to these myths and do what you like doing.


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