It could be a new proverb when it comes to the flu season, “a chore day, keeps the doctor away.” If you think about the cold-n-flu season, you often see the achoos and sniffers all over the place you go. It would be a good thing to wash your hands and drinking orange juice.

But, you can do something more than that for your home to reduce the chance of getting caught by illness. That means you should think about cleaning of your household items and the surroundings. So, you’ll have to think about what you and your family members touch every day.

Use disinfectant those sports to make them free of germs. These include your faucet handles and doorknobs. Likewise, wipe out your remote controls along with the switches using disinfectant carefully. Take the below steps to protect your plus your family from flu.

Disinfect Cleaning Products

It’s true you can kill the most germs if you keep your home clean. But, it’s not possible if you use dirty cleaning items. So, use greener solution and disposable pad of mop. Also, always keep sanitized the heads of the mop at a higher temperature before you use them.

Keep clean your dish towels regularly. If you microwave your wet sponge just for two minutes, it can kill 99% of germs of the sponge. Another good thing is that you can contact with your nearby professional house cleaning services to get done these tasks effectively. Many of these service providers also provide basement cleaning services or so.

Clean Your Mattress

Ensure a good clean up if there are fluids that have made room on the bedding and mattress. Even if this has not been made, you can keep it on the open-air outside on the sun. So, if you can leave them off for the whole day and if possible then open the windows.

Also, do it for the blinds of your room that will allow entering fresh air plus sunlight to strike it. Using essential oil and water mix, you can give it a light misting. But, make sure that you’re not doing saturated your mattress. So, keep it for complete drying before you keep your bedding back on.

Largely Check the Bathroom

When you have several bathrooms, you should ensure confining the sick person to use a specific bathroom. This is a simple way to prevent the spreading of germs and illness. Also, it’ll make your cleaning process as quickly as easier. Your bathrooms need better disinfecting and cleaning after an illness.

Especially you should take better care of the sink, toilet, faucets, and handles. In this case, you can consider using the steamer in your bathroom as it works great to accomplish your task quickly. Moreover, it puts on all of the little crannies and cracks that are tough to reach, particularly around the faucets and toilet.

Apart from that, there are some more things to do. These include taking care of your toothbrush, wastebaskets, kitchen, and many more to say.


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