Apple has come with two new photo-related services recently such as ‘My Photo Stream’ as well as ‘iCloud Photos.’ The first one has the touch feature for iPad, iPhone, and iPod that allows sharing your recent images with your other iPadOS and iOS devices.

The second one is cloud-based storage that enables you to store your whole photo library. It’s most likely to the medical records storage of your patient’s images and data.

A Brief About These Two Services

When you enable ‘My Photo Steam,’ it uploads your latest images to the cloud-based storage just similar to the PACS vendor neutral archive. After that, you can download them to other devices if you need them. For example, if you take an image on the iPhone, you’ll be able to view it on the iPad.

It’ll not require you to get a copy of the images manually to your device. When it comes to the iCloud Photos, this option allows you to store images on the cloud-based storage that you take through your iOS or iPadOS or Mac. Well, let’s know more about these two things.

General Findings of My Photo Stream

There are many similarities with these two services of Apple. By default, the images you have taken using your iOS or iPadOS immediately on the ‘My Photo Stream.’ Also, you have the option to change its setting and you can upload your images manually as well.

This is how you’re able to choose your desired images before you upload them. Also, you can set your friends and family members who can view your images.

General Findings of iCloud Photos

But, while using iCloud Photos service, it’ll entirely replace the previous service and will give you the entire features of that service. Moreover, it allows you to save images from different formats along with saving videos.

Besides, the service helps you to keep your images and videos forever. Another best thing about this service is that your stuff is safe in a secure and remote cloud server.

But, you have to be cautious while saving a larger amount of images. It’s because you’ll need to purchase storage space from Apple. No worries, the prices of the storage are a bit reasonable.

Some Differences in These Two Services

The real difference between these two services is that you have to shift to the cloud service of iCloud. You’ll become aware of that the service of ‘My Photo Stream’ is no more an option if you lately have made an ID on Apple.

There are indeed some similarities between these two services. Both the devices allow uploading images on the cloud and syncing them to view on your other Apple devices. Also, it enables you to download your stored images from the cloud to your Windows or Mac computer.

Moreover, iCloud offers live images and video storage unlike ‘My Photo Stream.’ The largest difference in them is iCloud Photos stores a copy of full-size in the cloud with bigger storage space at a reasonable price.


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