We always discuss on Varieties of trends, fashion, clothes, and stylish appearance for women and men in the previous article. But on this content, we are going to discuss something specific that is an elegant raincoat for men.

Therefore, we will provide some tips to purchase a coat. If you follow our tips for buying a coat, then we can assure you that you will be a stylish guy after wearing a raincoat.

No matter it’s north face rain jacket men or something else, read the full content to know how men can select an elegant coat for them.

The Material of the Raincoat

Mainly two types of materials are available to prevent the water. For example, water-resistant and another one is waterproof. Water-resistance is a material that is coating with a hydro repellant texture. Besides, it cannot resist the rainfall.

As a result, you cannot use it for a long time in the heavy rain. Instead, a waterproof is a material that prevents water leakage. Besides, it is coating with Hyvent, eVent, and GORE-TEX, etc.

Reason for Purchasing a Raincoat

We recommend men to purchase a waterproof material’s coat. But before buying a jacket, you have to select the best one for you. Because there are three different types of laminated raincoats are available. Such as two layering, another one is 2.5 layering, and the other one is three layering.

Most importantly, the Third laminated layering coat is for a long time in heavy rainfall. On the other hand, another two are less preventive than the third layering coat. Finally, you have to select one among these three according to your need.

Suitable Size for the Pockets and Hood of a Raincoat

When you purchase a raincoat, you should select a coat that has an adjustable hood and inside pockets. So, you can fix the hood anytime, whether in heavy rain or while riding a Scooty or bicycle.

Besides, the inner pockets will help you to protect your cell phone, wallet from the rain as well as it will help to keep your keys safely.

Compact Properties and Comfortable weight

It’s vital to select a compact raincoat as well as the lightweight one. Because when you go for a trip in the rainy time, you need to take the coat in your backpack. Therefore, you prefer a light jacket, including compact properties.

How to Select an Appropriate Size for You?

Usually, you will wear a raincoat over your cloth. So, it should be in comfortable fittings. Try to avoid selecting too loose or too fit. At the same time, the sleeves should be up to your wrist.

Besides, if you are a Scooty rider, then select a waist size, including a waterproof trouser. On the other hand, if you walk most of the time, then you should choose a calf-length size coat.

Best Color Options

Black, light brown and gray colors are best for the raincoats. These colors are suitable for almost every outfit. But you can select red, dark blue, etc. if you want a stylish look. At last, we will prefer you to purchase a quality full raincoat for long-lasting use.  

Unlike men’s hiking footwear, choosing jacket needs more attention and more feature specification. Subscribe us through the newsletter to get the latest articles.


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