You might never think about how cloud solution offers security and how safe to store data on their system. But, it’s time to think about the issue because of the growing threats. As we have above 20-year experience with a multi-cloud solution provider, we have experience with many types of people.

We found that many people are not aware of the issue of the cloud and its security system. It can’t stop there and we always get time to consult our clients about the safety concern of this solution.

No matter you are user of web DICOM viewer or some other platforms, you should know about the security issue of cloud solutions especially when you are planning to using it for web based DICOM viewer. Because many people talk about the risk of the cloud, we do it. Well, let’s know about some misconceptions regarding cloud security.

Cloud Provider Has Right of Entry to All the Data

It’s the most common misconception, which is not correct because we can manage your records without accessing or reading them. Although we deal with your data, we can’t view your data in the original form. Also, you can encrypt your record, images, and data easily if you like to be completely safe.

We ensure your records are safe by encrypting them before you send them to us. It’s just you who can access them because you have encrypted them. Besides, it’s important to encrypt your connections because of making sure to access just by you.

Become Very Reliant On the Cloud Service Providers  

People often think that making corporation with the service provides are becoming very dependant on them. Also, they think that they’ll lose the flexibility to accessing their records. It means that they think they’ll get just a fixed solution instead of getting the entire right to their needs.

Although it’s a bit true, this is widely a misconception. We like to deliver flexible and customized solutions to our clients where they can tailor their needs accordingly.

It’s because we know that every client is special and they have different choices and needs. This is why we customize this cloud storage to match as per their demands.

They’ll Be Not Able to Keep Your Data Safe

How can it ensure is it safe if you allow a cloud storage provider to deal with your data? First off, this is very essential to select your preferred solution carefully while outsourcing the service. Don’t forget one thing if the solution is very cheap, it’s likely to be less safe.

Also, it’ll not fill your individual needs. This is why you must find a professional service provider that comes with transparency. The key to how they do business is the responsibility and trust and it’s forever.

Bottom Line

There are some other misconceptions about could solutions. One of them is that you can’t share your medical imaging with your patients or doctors.

Another great one is many people believe that their data is not protected when they travel. All of these misconceptions are baseless.


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