Regardless of good or bad, your car is constantly giving its feedback. But, do you listen to what you’re car is trying to say to you? That means your car is always speaking about its current condition.

However, most car owners and drivers don’t understand even if they hear some unusual noises from their cars. It’s the task of the expert car mechanics who easily understand what your car says about it.

That’s why we’re here with some unusual noises and their meaning, according to a mechanic. So, before you find tire size by make and model, let’s know about the meaning of strange noises.

Your Car Is Making a Humming Noise While Accelerating

You’ll hear a lower-pitched hum while driving. The noise becomes louder when you accelerate. Maybe it noises like an aircraft taking off. But, this is after a particular speed; the sound is consistent. The noise becomes louder when you take a turn.

But, it disappears when you turn it otherwise. Now, the question is what it means by the bearing noise of the wheel. Some people may make the mistake of understanding it as engine noise. And some others can say is to look at the RPM gauge.

The speed and RPM gauges rise when you accelerate. Coast it at a set pace, excuse the gas handle and look at the RPM gauge drop. It’s certainly not producing from its engine if the sound is still out there.

Your Car Generates a Droning Sound

Although this droning sound doesn’t alter volume or pitch while turning, it becomes louder when you accelerate. What’s the possible reason for this sound? The sound may be coming from your car tires.

It’s specifically if you’re driving a car with poor quality or old tires. It’s also might be the indication of “feathered” tires. Feathered tires, a term that is used to explain tires along with treads, are trying unevenly.

Sequentially, feathered tires might be an indication of a damaged suspension part. It causes tires to jump up & down since you drive before rolling effortlessly down the way.

Your Car Produces High-Pitched Crying Noise

What does it mean when your car produces high-pitched crying noise? That means you’ll get a whine of high-pitch if the car comes with hydraulic power steering. And you lock your steering wheel by rotating this to the end where it can’t turn anymore.

It strains the strength of your car’s steering pump. So, you’re at risk of damaging its pump if you grasp its position for over some seconds.

In the pump pressure, pull back about one inch from its lock place to simplify the increase. And its sound should disappear. Your pump might be already damaged if you get a regular whine.

While Turning the Car Generates a Clicking Noise

You get a clicking sound when you want to rotate one way. This is cyclical. This sound speeds up since the wheels run slower or fasters when you reduce the speed while turning.

If you feel that your car needs to change its old tire, you should find new one according to the tire models.


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