All the latest smartphones come with many very helpful built-in applications. But if you don’t have those applications and want to improve your smartphone in every aspect then here are some of the best apps:

1. CCleaner


There are various applications eating up a large amount of the storage of your phone which you are unaware of. These superfluous apps result in slowing down the performance of your phone which can make you impatient and irritated. CCleaner is the best application to free up the space devoured by unnecessary files on your phone. If you’re upgrading your phone, buy the phone outright and get to it.



One of the most organized and helpful applications for you, especially when you are a busy person and forget things quite easily.  IFTTT is the acronym for ‘If This, Then That, the application helps you to make your device and some applications to work in unison for instance, if you link Instagram and Dropbox together, then, if you post a picture on your Instagram then that picture would automatically get saved in your Dropbox as well. When you are on your way home, you can switch on the lights or central cooling/heating. If you miss any call from someone, you would get an email for that missed call.

3. Waze


Are you a traveler and need a map with you every time? Well, you have got Waze to show you your ways. This application is owned by Google, Waze shows you all the routes that lead towards your destination, however, the shortest one is preferred. You are also shown whether the roads are cleared or there is high traffic within your route.

4. Google Photos


When you are running out of space or need a backup for your memorable pictures then Google Photos is your way to go. It is a great and widely used alternative to your phone’s photo gallery, you can store unlimited pictures and videos in the application which are backed up in the cloud. Moreover, you can also make different folders for different events and categories. When you buy outright phones, this app is already installed. You just need to update it and start using it.

5. Dashlane


Protection of security passwords is the top priority for every single person. Having long and difficult passwords for different applications and services usually gets hard to remember. To save you from forgetting or producing basic passwords, dash lane provides you highly strong passwords and also saves them on your smartphone so that even if you forget them, you can track them back.



If you want to improve the colors, contrast, and dullness of your picture to make it look much attractive then you need VSCO photo editor. VSCO has a wide range of filters and other editing options that can change your picture in a way that no one can ever get that the picture is edited.

These phenomenal and exciting applications can be downloaded as an alternative to other applications that might not run on your phone or are heavier in size. If they don’t work, you need to have a better smartphone. Buy phone outright and feel the difference.


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