1. Take Accurate Measurements

Firstly, and foremostly, take the measurements of your living room so that it gets easier to have a floor plan either you are making it on a computer of drawing it by hand. Accurate measurements let you know how much space you have in your living room and where you can place different things. It also makes easier for you to determine what size of furniture would be suitable for your living room because you would definitely not want your living room to either get over-furnished or under furnished.

2. Establish a Focal Point

The focal point is something that is the main feature of that particular room for example; if we talk about a living room, usually television or a fireplace is the focal point to which the sofa faces. The main sofa should be placed facing the focal point whereas the couch or other armchairs can be placed perpendicular to the main sofa or chairs.

3. Set the Furniture

Once you have determined that what is going to be the focal point, it’s time to set the furniture in your living room:

Sofa set: This is the main seating place in a living room regardless of the total size of the room. Place the sofa set in a position that enhances the entire look of the living area.

Coffee table: These are generally placed in the center of sofas which is commonly called as “conversation areas” because people mostly tend to sit there and have a chit chat session along with coffee or snacks. However, if you do not want to put a coffee table there, you can use other types of table. There is a wide variety of stylish tables in the markets, pay a visit there and find one according to your desire.

Side tables: They are an extra addition to the living room depending on the usage and need. side tables are usually used to allow the person to put their glass of drink on the table right beside them instead of making them stand up again to reach the center table and pick their glass up. Side tables can be placed at the sides of the main sofa and in between two chairs or single sofas. However, it is very important that you put them only when you have enough space in your living room otherwise it’s going to be pretty congested.

Rugs: The best place to put the rugs are the seating areas. Measure the area accurately and buy the ideal size of the rug so that it doesn’t run short and all of the furniture in sitting areas easily rests on the rug.

Also, if you are buying new furniture or rugs and want to remove old ones, use a South Florida junk removal service for that.

4. Place Lamps

Lamps are a great way to illuminate the living room. Place decent and elegant floor lamps at the side of the sofa and arrange table lamps on the side tables. Make sure you don’t overfill the area with lamps. Keep it limited, simple and modernized.

Follow these fantastic ideas and spruce up the look of your living room. And when there are piles of junk you don’t know what to do with, that’s the time to call a junk removal South Florida service.


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