Seeing yourself going from a small business office to an upgraded professional facility is enthralling for most business owners. But before you enjoy the benefits, the daunting task of packing up and moving remains in question. Here are a few tips to ensure a smoother move.

1. Make a Schedule

Before the big move happens, you should ideally reschedule the dates in your daily planner. Note down all the important dates and highlight the day of the move. Highlight the lease expiry date of the former building, inform employees, managers and suppliers about the day of the move and the location of the new building. Keep your employees informed about the other happenings of the move, and their respective responsibilities during and prior to the move.

2. Visit the New Space

Before you seemingly make the big move, it’s important to visit the new office beforehand and assess the location. If the new office needs a fresh coat of paint, subtle repairs or electronic updations, it is ideal to get it done well before the date of the move. While visiting, we recommend creating a rough office layout, such as the position of cubicles, office desks and electricity supplies.

3. Update the Company’s Address

As the date approaches, inform your company’s relevant contacts, suppliers and partners about the company’s new location. Update the business cards, business website and another advertising medium about the new address for existing and potential clients.

4. Discard Unnecessary Items

Before relocating to a new office, it is absolutely imperative to declutter and discard office equipment that no longer serves the company. This is for all the unusable furniture, broken printers and desktops and other miscellaneous office equipment. Strike a deal with an Austin TX trash removal service for junk pickup. While you are at it, discard and shred all the useless office documentation to prevent the accumulation of paperwork.

5. Prepare the New Office

Ideally, you would want the office to be functional within the next couple of days following the move. It is essential to set up the water, electricity and telecom utilities as soon as possible. Make arrangements with your local moving company to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move. A move can take place in no time if the movers have private access to the new locations elevators, staircases, driveways and building management authorities. A major office relocation can impact several local businesses, so be sure to inform the other local businesses about roadblocks and possible obstructions.

6. Hire a Professional Mover

In order to simplify the move, and keep things smooth and stress free, we recommend hiring a professional moving company to ease the process. There is nothing better than hiring a team of experts to move the equipment, transport it safely to the new locality and reorganize the stuff in the new premises. A good moving company can navigate the whole process faster than anticipated. There are also haul away junk Austin companies that offer moving and junk removal service. You can look into them too.


While you might feel unprepared for the move, our quick guide can serve as a quick reference guide on how to move your office and set up the new place in no time.


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