If you own or work in one of the taxation services in Glenroy, you know that CPAs and tax preparers have a lot to do. If you own your business, you have much more to do, such as paying bills, hiring employees, keeping updated with new tax laws, and marketing your accounting and tax preparation services. A lot of companies face difficulties in accountant marketing. You need to brainstorm ideas, plans, strategies, etc. If your business is somewhat smaller than large brands, you might feel discouraged that nobody will choose your firm when there are so many flashy advertisements your high-end competitors are using to lure clients. And you don’t even have all the money in the world to invest in a big-budgeted ad. So, what to do? You start by being smarter. Today’s guide shows you some tips and tricks about how to make the Taxation Business Hadfield more successful.

1. Send A Tax Postcard

Sending a tax postcard to people to clients who are more likely to use the services you offer. Your current tax clients should be your target. They have given you the money to work on their problems, right? Remind them that you filed their income taxes before and that it’s time to file again. An existing customer who has got an excellent service from you will surely ask you to prepare their taxes again because they wouldn’t take all the trouble to find another reliable one. Having a database of your tax and clients with contact information will help you contact them when the time is here.

2. Analyse Your Client’s Demographics

By analysing the demographics of your top clients helps you stop wasting money on your tax marketing. Your target market is the people who are qualified for using your services. And finding them is not as hard as you would imagine. Go through last year’s tax returns and check for details like these: Are your clients’ accounts personal or business? How old are they? Are the filers married or unmarried? What is their income? Do they own homes? Do they have rental properties? Your target clients should be young, active, and married homeowners with children. And if you found out those clients, start from there.

3. Get an Exact Count of Your Client Matches Using A 60-Sec Online Count

Don’t waste your precious money on tax prep ads to people who aren’t qualified for service. You need to make sure that you target people who are qualified to use that. And finding them isn’t hard if you know the place and what you are looking for. Make sure to get the best possible return on investment when advertising for tax business in this way, purchasing a mailing list, and that’s full of your ideal prospects. Narrowing down your list by these factors can help you:

  • Income
  • Investable assets
  • Homeowner
  • Home value
  • Zipcode
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Children

Following these few tips can help you achieve success in your business. Another thing you can do is start a website or a blog at best. A website will give you an identity, and also, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in the advertisement because you can post your services, portfolios, and offers to attract more customers.


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