Gadgets are sophisticated items that makes things easier for us. They help us do more with far less effort. You dash cam for example can help you keep watch over your car whether or you are inside. Your nanny cam as well can help you keep watch over your children and give you live coverage by sending you regular updates while you are at work.

Today, we will not be talking about cameras. Rather we will be talking about a computer gadget. This gadget is like a bridge between a phone and a computer or laptop. If you are guessing tablet, then you are correct. Tablets are not so common gadgets as most individuals will rather opt for a Smartphone or a laptop or both. That was not until recently. Tablets are bigger than phones but are smaller than laptops and can perform most functions a laptop can perform. If you are considering buying a tablet, here are seven hacks you should consider.

Consider your budget

This is the major thing you have to think about first. How much are you willing to spend to acquire a tablet? You should be realistic and optimistic about your budget. By being realistic, you should tell yourself the truth about what the amount you have can get you.

Consider the screen size

The screen size of a tablet is very important especially if you want it to serve you beyond the use for pleasure purposes. If you want to use your tablet for business activities, you will need a considerably big screen sized tablet. Your tablet’s screen should be big enough for you to use it comfortably in portrait mode.

Consider its battery life

You normally would not be charging your laptop every time. You will most likely be using it on the go so there may not always be chances to charge it. The same applies to your tablet as it is even more mobile than a laptop. You should opt for a tablet with nothing less than a battery capacity of 3200mAh to 4000mAh. Anything less than that and you will be charging it almost every time.

Consider its storage size

There are two main reasons why you should consider the storage size of your laptop. One of them is because not all apps permit you to save their data on an external storage card. In addition, the storage size of your device will determine the size of external storage card you can use on that device. The storage size also determines it RAM and processor.

Do not be scared of less popular brands

Your tablet must not be the one from a popular brand. There are tons of popular brands that produce very good tablets and at less expensive prices. As long as it has what you are looking for then you should opt for it. You should also ensure that you can easily get it parts in case there is need to replace a damaged part.

You may as well stretch your budget if there is need to do that.

Change is constant and it will do you good to embrace it when necessary. If per chance you see a tablet whose price is slightly above your budget, you can still go for it as long as it meets these two conditions. It has what you are looking for and it will serve you on the long run.

Take note of its operating system

There are three main operating systems when it comes to tablets. There are android, IOS and windows. IOS is a close source operating system. This means that you have to use apps from their store and you cannot download from the internet. Windows and Android are more flexible but are not as secure as IOS.

Before you buy a tablet, talk to people who have used and are still using them. They are your most trusted source of information.


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