There are many methods of teaching Islamic education, but some of the most popular methods include using Quranic verses and Hadith. These methods can teach children and adults alike the basics of Islam. 

However, Islamic Schools Curriculum also helps to teach children about Islam. Quranic verses can teach about God’s oneness, the importance of prayer and fasting, and the principles of Islamic law. Hadith can be used to teach about the Prophet Muhammad’s life and character and the importance of living a good life. 

5 Methods of Teaching in Islamic Education

Islamic education may be taught through several techniques. The following list includes the top five:

  • Using the Qur’an as a textbook. In Islamic schools, this approach is most often used. The 30 juz, or sections, that make up the Qur’an. The next 20 Hizb are separated into each juz. In a typical class time, one hizb is covered. Students also study the Hadith, other Islamic writings, and the Prophet Muhammad’s biography in addition to the Qur’an.
  • Utilizing Islamic history as a textbook. Although this approach is less typical, it is becoming more popular. With this method, students study Islam’s history from the time of the Prophet Muhammad and the first Caliphs. They gain knowledge of the many empires and dynasties that dominated the Muslim world and the important religious and political personalities of each period.
Islamic Schools Curriculum
  • Using the Arabic language as a medium of teaching. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt are just a few Islamic nations using this technique. All topics are taught using this method in Arabic. In addition to improving their Arabic language abilities, this aids pupils in comprehending the Qur’an and the Hadith.
  • The Qur’an and contemporary textbooks may be used together. Islamic schools are using this strategy more often. This method uses the Qur’an and contemporary textbooks to teach pupils. They can better comprehend the contemporary world and the Islamic religion.
  • The use of contemporary technology in the classroom. Using technology has the power to completely transform Islamic education. Students would study Islam using computers, the internet, and other technological tools in this method. Thanks to this, they would be able to study more dynamically and interestingly.

How Important Is It to Take Islamic Education as a Muslim?

As a Muslim, it is crucial to learn Islamic education to develop a good understanding of your religion. 

  • This will allow you to live your life according to Islam’s teachings and help you make informed choices when it comes to important decisions in your life.
  • Islamic education will also teach you about Islam’s history and the Muslim community’s development. 
  • You will learn about the different dynasties and empires that have ruled over the Muslim world and the challenges Muslims have faced throughout history.

Overall, Islamic education is important for Muslims to understand their religion and the world around them.


This article has given some techniques to better understand the methods of teaching Islamic education. There are many ways to teach Islamic education, for example, by school’s curriculum, some activities, etc. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to choose the right method of teaching for your own situation.


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