Do you own a restaurant? How engaging is it in terms of customer demands? If you want to increase the count of customers and local searches, you need to own a mobile app for your restaurant. Statistics showed that almost 60% of local searchers who search a mobile app end up buying customers. Renowned companies’ customers come mostly from apps. So, there is the very reason why you need to hire a mobile developer to get your restaurant mobile app.

1. Location-Based Deals

Restaurant apps use beacon technology (a technology used in a location to send push notifications and deals to people based in a certain area). These deals are location-based which means they are based on GPS settings. Using beacon technology can help you attract customers when they are in the area radius of your restaurant by sending push-notifications on their devices. Many companies have been benefited using location-based deals.

2. Loyalty & Referral Programs

Studies conducted that restaurants and coffee shops that generate loyalty and referral programs on their app, have their income boosted. One of the biggest reasons why loyalty and referral programs work is because mobile-based loyalty programs give a more personal touch than the traditional punch-card system. This also ensures more purchases from recurring customers. It’s no rocket science to understand that customers are more willing to download an app where they get freebies, reduced rates, or discounts. So, adding referrals can work out for both of you and your customers.

3. Better chance of ranking

Push notifications seem to be the overall solution of most business aspects. It’s useful in terms of gaining ratings and reviews. When your customers download your app and are fairly satisfied with your restaurant experience, they are more likely to rate and review. This will boost the ranking of your restaurant business. The more reviews from happy customers the more chances of ranking higher as a top restaurant. This alone will help you establish your business and boost your revenue as well as customers.

4. Seat reservations

This helps immensely amongst recurring customers. For example, you have a bunch of customers who keep visiting your restaurants and like to dine in or have a takeaway. While for personal reasons or any professional meetings, these customers decided to drop by at your restaurant but found out that all your seats have been booked will surely cause trouble for both you and the customers. To solve this problem, what you can do is set up a seat reservation service in your app where your customers can look at the date and time for booking a reservation. This serves you two purposes. One is, earning more goodwill from your customers and the other is, attracting new customers.

5. Easy menu access

Nowadays, menu access in an app before actually going to the restaurant is like a trend. Whether people buy or not, they tend to look for food items to have a general idea of what is available and whatnot. The good news is you can turn this to your advantage. By offering easy menu access from your app can inform the customers about your menu. If their desired food items match from your selection, they will most probably end up ordering the items.

In a nutshell, you need an app developed by a professional android app development service where you can apply referral systems, discounts, location-based deals, easy menu access to make your restaurant business successful both on and offline. These will give your sale a much-needed boost. One thing to note that, hiring good app developers as well as designers is a must because laggy and ugly apps won’t appeal to the customers.


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