Professionals, corporations and even small businesses nowadays are seen to be using PDF files. Amongst many reasons for its preference, security and wide number of tools for editing top the list. Let us help you in becoming a PDF guru with the following tips.

1. Editing PDF

There was a time when editing a PDF required you to create a document from scratch, make the required changes, save as PDF and then print or scan. It was a headache in reality for some. The good thing with evolving research and technology is that you do not have to do this anymore. The best thing to do is, first convert your PDF file into Word that will allow you to edit text and save it in PDF. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by uploading the document on Google Docs and saving the file in your desired format. Chances are that sometimes your formatting may go out of place, so you need to double-check before proceeding.

2. Signing PDF

Signing a PDF previously was another headache. For you to sign a PDF document you had to download the document, sign it and then send back to where you needed to send it. Then again, it is a joy to know that it is not required anymore. Nowadays, you cannot afford to hold any documents or legal files just because you need to print and sign it. Electronic signatures are in nowadays and you will not have to wait for printers anymore as well. There are paid services out there such as Docusign that will add signatures for you and if you have the time, you can always look out for free options.

3. Turning a PDF into Image

PDF files based on their resolution and size seem to raise difficulties for people who are prone to emailing a lot, especially on a mobile phone. Since the size of PDF files is comparatively bigger than standard pictures, uploading and downloading can take time. To tackle this, you can convert PDF to JPG format. It is worth noticing that the quality might be lower but as long as you are not emailing or professionally using it, you are good to go. You can also as well convert to PNG. Something useful for designers that need to edit things on a regular basis.

4. Merge PDFs

Merging PDFs is something that you might not have done, but it holds quite a bit of value. Merging PDFs comes in use especially when you want to present your work to colleagues by being precise, comprehensive and to the point. This is where the merging skills come in. You can merge PDF files free if you properly have an idea about how to combine pdf files for free.

First, convert files into PDF and for that, you will need a PDF editor that offers to merge as well or an online editor that merge PDF files free. Merge your files and share.

All of the above-mentioned tools are sure to both increase and improve your productivity. You can also search for articles and videos on YouTube to get additional tips and instructions.


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