They say that art is a form of communication. Not only can you get your message across, you can express your deepest desires through a beautiful piece you just created. Today, I have taken the opportunity to compile a list of a few easy drawing ideas that will jumpstart your imagination and help you get started.

1. Draw a Happy World

How often do you think about creating something that can become a reality someday? Creating something that shows roaming wildlife, crystal clear waters and a world full of happiness, free from despair. This is certainly something that you can experiment with.

2. Simple Drawings

Sometimes you need just the right amount of detail to get your message across. A few shades of color here and there with simpler designs make the simplest of pictures outstanding.

3. An Inspiring Light Bulb

A creative idea can inspire you and motivate you to do your best. Drawing a colorful light bulb, beautifully complemented with a wide array of colors and strokes with a positive message in the middle just strikes all the right cords.

4. Draw a Kitty in a Christmas Tree Costume

Christmas is a heartwarming enchanting event, filled with coziness and festivities. What more to jumpstart your drawing skills with a cute and easy draw of a cat decorated in a Christmas attire. Makes for a lovely Christmas gift idea as well.

5. An Elephant and a Rabbit Flying Heart Shape Balloons

Ah! The delightful feeling of true love. Why not create a message that signifies love and moments of tenderness? Cherish your love by drawing cute miniature versions of animals holding heart shaped balloons.

6. A Hot Air Balloon Ran by Flowers

Delicate flower motifs compliment straight silhouettes much better. Plus, it signifies the message of peace and freedom adorned with color.

7. Immortalize Your Mind in the Clouds

An absolute favorite of mine! Easier to execute while giving out the message of breaking away from the woes of life, every now and then. An artist tends to detach himself/herself from the comforts of life to ignite his creativity.

8. Portray the Beauty of Mountains

Everything you imagined, all in one piece. The beauty of earthy landscapes and moon lit pathways all beautifully crafted in a wildlife silhouette. It’s beautiful yet easy to draw.

9. A Dandelion

The simplest of patterns and designs, signifying the deepest of wishes hidden inside the heart.

10. An Imaginary Adorable Creature

No matter how much we progress in technology, doodling an imaginary creature and designing its various features comes naturally to us humans.

11. His and Her

This design comes with a lot of designs to experiment. Our personal favorite being the good old, ice cream cone where the ice cream is devoured by the lady, leaving the crunchy wafer for the gentleman. 

12. Curious Bunnies Smiling

The perfect notebook decoration, these delightful little bunny rabbits are both cute and easy draw, and absolutely adorable to look at. They will make you smile every time you look at them.


Here you have it! A perfect list of simple yet creative sketching ideas for you to get started on.


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